Keowee Valley - Katherine Scott Crawford It is clear from the often poetic descriptions of the South Carolina landscape, that the author has a deep love of the place. However, I would have loved to see a little less of these sometimes lengthy descriptions and a little more character and/or plot development. The first half of the story is a little slow moving with all of these scenic descriptions and I kept waiting to hear more about the characters. I particularly felt that something was lacking in the early development of Quinn and Jack's relationship.

I understand that the author left the ending more open for future books, but it was a little too open for my taste. I felt the ending lacked the closure that I usually need from my books.

It's difficult to read this book and not compare it to [b:Into the Wilderness|72854|Into the Wilderness (Wilderness, #1)|Sara Donati||3098033], which might be what prevented me from liking this more. For me, character development is the most important part of a book, and where ITW excelled in that, I felt it was a bit lacking in this book.

Still, Keowee Valley presents a debut from a clearly talented author. I will be interested to see how her writing progresses in future books.