The Sweetwater Trail - N.L. Campbell **3.5**

This was an entertaining, fast read. It was close to being a full 4-stars except for a few things.

Some parts of the writing felt a little disjointed - big jumps in time with no explanations - that type of thing. Also the final resolution felt a little anti-climatic for me - I think that could have been built up a little better.

I really enjoyed the bits of humor between Rye and Felicity (although one of the jokes fell a bit flat), but the progression of their relationship (at least from Rye's perspective) didn't feel exactly right. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but their were one or two instances that threw me in regards to the evolution of his feelings for Felicity.

But overall, this was a nice, clean romance that gives you a good feel for the harsh realities of the Oregon Trail.