Mountain Woman - Johnny Fowler From the very beginning the writing felt forced - like the author was trying too hard.
"Moisture replaced the sun's battle against the cold's advantage from the frigid night." What does that even mean??
Then there was some serious info-dumping - among other things, we got the hero's entire life story in chapter 2 and 3.
Finally, while the author started off trying to set the period with the dialogue - "Light a shuck under them mules. Keep them wagons moving." - he completely abandoned any attempts at historically realistic characters after that. Nothing about Kate or "Man" felt authentic or historically accurate.
Also, I would not imagine a man that chooses to live alone in the wilderness is a particularly outgoing person - yet "Man" seems downright charming and sociable to a girl that shows up in his home.

Frankly I skimmed until about half way through where realism took an even bigger hit and then I was out.