Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout


The third book in this series may be my favorite of them so far. In this one Katy and Daemon are finally officially together and we get to see the sweet side of Daemon Black. And boy, what a sweet side it is. Even though he has yet to tell Katy that he loves her, it is obvious in everything he does for her. He is still arrogant and conceited, but its now tempered with an unbelievable sweetness with Katy. He is thoughtful, overwhelmingly protective, considerate, even affectionate. This was a Daemon I could get on board with! I loved seeing how their relationship had finally gotten to this place. There were still insecurities between them, but they had come a long way and finally were able to enjoy being together.

Spoiler alert

Anyway, this book picks up right where the second one left off, with the return of Dawson, who immediately wants to rescue Bethany from DOD. With the added return of Blake, who blackmails them for help rescuing Chris, the plot of this book focuses on their rescue mission.

As the synopsis of Origin will already tell you, at the end of the book Katy is captured by DOD during the rescue mission. This definitely is the biggest cliffhanger yet of the series and, for yet another cliffhanger, I had to knock off another half a star. If it hadn't ended on such an upsetting note, it would have been a full four.