Edenbrooke - Julianne Donaldson Delightful.

In some ways this book was a bit of the regency romp cliche. There were highwaymen, an abduction, mistaken identity, wealthy dowagers, etc. What set this apart for me was the main character, Marianne. It's not often I really love the heroines of novels. I frequently love the heroes, but its a lot more rare for me to love the heroine. And I loved Marianne. There was an emotional depth to her that really just struck a chord with me, and I imagine would with a lot of other people as well. Who in there life at some point hasn't experienced feeling lonely/unwanted/abandoned/etc? Marianne's sorrows were relatable to a wide audience I think which made her a more sympathetic character. I was almost in tears for her for part of the book (and there are only a small handful of books that have ever made me tear up). Marianne was just an excellently written character and made the book something more than the ordinary. There was also a solid amount of witty banter between Marianne and Philip that had me laughing out loud at times.

This book had humor, action, romance, and depth. A very enjoyable read.